Friday, September 22, 2017

Phone numbers ... the good, the bad & the ugly!

In this day & age, I totally sympathize with anyone who has an unlisted phone number, uses voicemail to screen their calls, etc.  Even with the political campaign over, junk calls still abound.

HOWEVER ... if you are a ham trying to deliver a Welfare radiogram from Puerto Rico, you really hope that the phone number provided is right (not out of date or mistranscribed over the air).

I have one on my hook right now.  The telephone number provided hangs up immediately.  Searches for it list "no results found" so it's probably out of service.

With the help of White Pages Premium, Spokeo & yellowpages/whitepages, I've found two other possibilities.  One at least rings but doesn't answer.  The other is ... well, a Puerto Rico area code, so no help there.  (At least I'm pretty sure I have the right guy!)

We are lucky when the sender provides an email address, too.

Just a little rant.

The hams who have been sending out practice radiograms such as "welcome" to new ham licensees, etc. ... we have the advantage of knowing our way around the lookup services.  But, at best you find about 60% of the numbers you want & about 1/3 of those are no good.  Not a pretty picture.

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